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Digital Citizenship & Cybersafety

Digital Citizenship

A digital citizen is a person with the skills and knowledge to effectively use digital technologies to participate in society, communicate with others and create and consume digital content.

Office of the eSafety Commissioner


For parents

Online Safety Basics - Help your children safely navigate their digital world and educate them to avoid harmful online experiences. Explore websites, games, apps and social media together and set some rules. 

Digital Citizenship - Empowering young people to be positive, smart and safe online.

esafety - Tips and advice on helping your child have safe and enjoyable experiences online.

Cyberbullying - Online bullying can have a devastating impact on young people, whose online life is a key part of their identity and how they interact socially. Some targeted advice for kids, young people and adults.

Healthy technology use - Technology can be helpful in maintaining health when used thoughtfully and in moderation.

Managing screen time - Set reasonable expectations for the amount of time your child or young person is spending in front of a screen, and for the type and quality of that screen time.

Controlling your privacy settingsSocial media channels are where you connect, chat and celebrate with your family and friends. Stay in control of your social media by choosing what things you share, and who gets to see them.

Creating a safe gaming environment for children - Tips and strategies for creating a safe gaming environment for children and young people.